project: Campaign

my attribution: Photography, Editing, Documentation

equipment: Canon 700D, 18-55mm stb, 50mm

software: Photoshop, After Effects

grade: 9 out of 10

award: Best Campaign

partners: Laura Kölker, Celine Henssen & Malu Snelling Berg

Be Yourself At Envida

Envida is a care instituion for the elderly and chronicly ill in Maastricht and the Dutch "Heuvelland" (Hill Area). Anna Marije Zeilemaker (district manager for Envida in the city Gulpen-Wittem) explained Envida's problems with attracting new employees. Envida is looking specifically for young employees (between ages 16 and 24). Together with my team, we have created a campaign to recruit those people.

Envida's sector is a difficult one. The so called "community care" in the Netherlands has to deal with budget cuts and understaffing. Envida also does not have a unique position in its market. There are no unique selling points with which Envida can compete in its area. Competitors of Envida are (among others) Sevagram and the hospital (MUMC+). Care institutions like Envida and Sevagram have only few things that make them unique, because their activities are similair or even identical. In this campaign its our job to find something that makes Envida unique.

Anna-Marije told us her ideal target audience. The main focus of the campaign is students who are almost graduating nursing school at levels 3 to 5 (as Dutch professional education is split up in several levels). Further analysis proved that level 5 students are not going to be a target, as most level 5 job offers where already furfilled. We have therefore decided to focus our campaign on "mbo-students" or practically educated students (levels 3 and 4).

The campaign

To create an acurate campaign, we have analysed the sector and social media. Afterwards we have created some concepts and prototypes, which were shown to students Nursing at the Leeuwenborgh in Maastricht. We wanted to find out which ideas stuck and which they did not like at all. These insights led to the campaign slogan: "Lekker jezelf bij Envida" ("Be Yourself At Envida). We wanted to show potential employees that they can be theirselves when working at Envida, by highlighting some simple examples, like working on your own shoes and have (visible) tattoos. Both examples are not (always) allowed in hospitals.

This campaign would be digitally implemented exclusively. Our observations and reserach proved that students did not look at physical posters in school, but the did notice advertisements and job offers online. Therefore our campaign focusses solely on social media, like Instagram and Whatsapp. The results are shown at the bottom of this page.


Our team consisted out of 4 students for 2 different educations:

Jordy Schoeré - Team captain & Storyteller - CMD

Laura Külker - Graphic Design - CMD

Malu Snelling Berg - Graphic Design - Visual communication

Celine Henssen - Illustrator - Visual communication



Design for Instagram / Snapchat

Envida-wa1 Envida-wa2

Application for Whatsapp

Envida-site1 Envida-site2

Design for a mobile site


Design for a desktop site