project: Case (Multimedia Story)

my contribution: AV Design, Web design

equipment: Canon 700D with 50mm and 18-55mm stb

software: Photoshop, Premiere, Dreamweaver

grade: 7 out of 10

with: Femke, Bob and Jeroen

Project: Multimedia Story Refugee Crisis

If you don't know, where you want to go for dinner, you can solve this, by flipping a coin. But what if flipping a coin decides in what country you will be born? Heads and you will be born in the Netherlands. Safe. Tails and you grow up in Syria. War breaks out and you have to flee your country and hope you will survive. Take a look... What side did your coin end on? Which country is chosen for you by destiny?

Since the war in Syria has started, the Syrians are trying to get out of the country. And the refugees in Europe are not only from Syria. Wars broke out in more countries. Not much in known about the situation in these countries to most Dutch people and some do not even understand why these refugees are coming to the Netherlands.

We have chosen a different perspective to take a look at the refugee crisis. What if your destiny is being decided at random? Either you will be born in a safe or unsafe country. It is faith that decides. Just like the result of tossing a coin, your faith isn't in your hands.

We interviewed Dutch young people and asked them "Are you realising how lucky you are to be born in the Netherlands, and not in Syria?". Also we have interviewed some Syrian refugees and asked them about their lives in Syria, both before and during the war. Why did they decide to come to the Netherlands?

Take a look at our mediastory "Flip the Coin" (as of now only in Dutch) and decide for your self: Are you lucky to be born in a safe country?