project: Own project

equipment: Canon 700D, 18-55mm stb, Circular PL-filter

software: Photoshop, Lightroom


Immerath is a small village in the German municipality of Erkelenz, half an hour drive from the Dutch border. Sice the start of the lignite mine "Garzweiler", on the westside, the village is bein evacuated and relocalised. Currently Immerath has almost no people left and is slowly changing in a ghost town. In 2017 the complete village must be broken down, to make place for Garzweiler.

Right now, the village is still in a good shape. The nearby village of Pesch is already completely broken down and the mine is getting closer to Immerath. The village is at this moment still open and it is a special place to take a look and make some pictures.

Street name sign of Immerather Markt, the main road of the village

The church of Immerath, which has been abandoned for years now

Dead end. At the end are barriers, that block the road out of the village

Kleiderfabrik (clothing factory) of Immerath

Bus stop where still one bus a day stops

The first location marker of the road that leaves the village

Plants are growing out the buildings

This is the mine, that is destroying the village

Between the mine and the villages are beautiful flower field. But not for long...