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Changemaker Pasha

Nawaz Pasha is one of GAP's changemakers in Bangalore, India. Mister Pasha is born blind and affected by polio at age 10. He grew up in a poor family, that did not support him. As a teenager he left home and has been taken care for by sisters. They learnt him to always help the people who need it.

In 2011 Mister Pasha started his own trust, named Adarsha. He works in the field of Social Work for 22 years now he helps visually challenged children and teenagers to live their dreams. One of the things Mister Pasha is doing, is helpin students like Amarajyoti (see the video) going to the university and getting a diploma. For the future he has even more plans. To see his complete story and learn more about his future plans, please watch the video, we as India Interns, made for GAP.

Global Action on Poverty

This video is part of an internship project for GAP in Bangalore, India. For GAP we have made 3 videos for 3 different changemakers. Changemakers are people, powered by GAP, who try to decline the poverty in India.

The first changemakers is Suresh Ambat, who created schools for children living in slums. More about Building Blocks and possibilities to donate (in rupees, euros, pounds or dollars) can be found on his website.

The second changemaker is Atchuta Rao (video not yet available), who helps small villages in rural areas set up a sustainable society and who opened an orphanage in Hyderabad.

The final changemaker is Nawaz Pasha. His video can be found below.

Special thanks

Nidhi Raj - Global Action on Poverty

Ankit Singh - Audiovisual coaching

Nawaz Pasha

and everybody who helped us on location and the translators for the movies.